Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I own a bike, but I'm not a hippy.

In anticipation of high gas prices this summer, I bought a bike.  I have never felt so out of shape as when I am riding it.

My goals regarding the bike is to be able to bike an average 5 mile Provo stretch (grrrr hills) and still be able to walk afterwards eventually.  A more immediate (and practical) goal is to be able to ride to my new apartment by the time I move in so I don't have to find someone with a bike rack.  An even more immediate goal will be to do grocery shopping on my bike.  So...  I may be GPSing my bike rides soon now, too.

Also, I really haven't given up on running.  I've just taken a little break after falling up the stairs a little over a month ago.  My shin is still a little sore, but in reality it's good enough to start again.  It's just frustrating to have to restart AGAIN.  Whatever.  Life's all about starting over, right?