Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I own a bike, but I'm not a hippy.

In anticipation of high gas prices this summer, I bought a bike.  I have never felt so out of shape as when I am riding it.

My goals regarding the bike is to be able to bike an average 5 mile Provo stretch (grrrr hills) and still be able to walk afterwards eventually.  A more immediate (and practical) goal is to be able to ride to my new apartment by the time I move in so I don't have to find someone with a bike rack.  An even more immediate goal will be to do grocery shopping on my bike.  So...  I may be GPSing my bike rides soon now, too.

Also, I really haven't given up on running.  I've just taken a little break after falling up the stairs a little over a month ago.  My shin is still a little sore, but in reality it's good enough to start again.  It's just frustrating to have to restart AGAIN.  Whatever.  Life's all about starting over, right?


  1. You will likely be surprised by how much easier it is to start this time. Restarters always take less time to build up than true beginners. I had an injury last spring and found this to be true even for myself. (I wonder how much of this is mental, but if it works, then who cares?)

  2. you go girl! you are one ta-ruuuuue stud muffin! woot woot!! :)

  3. Don't get discouraged! I know all about starting and restarting health-improvement plans. I may not be on the worst offender list, yet. But I've made some progress each time and mostly maintained it. (I'm on Day 2 of another restart right now...) Your body will remember in no time that, dang it, you're a runner!