Monday, April 4, 2011

Achilles Ankles

I tried to start again on C25K last week.  I have a lot to say about this but not a lot of time to say it, so I'll save it for another entry.  I trained for my first 5K mostly OTP (off the program), running when I felt like it and walking when I needed a rest.  I ran my 5K that same way.  After I ran the 5K I started back on the C25K program.  With that reasoning, and the idea that anything is better than blatant inactivity, I am going to

Problem:  My ankles KILL me when I try to run on the program.  I guess it's all the hills here, and the unnatural pace that the program forces.  My method now is to run on all the flat parts, half the down-hills,  and the last little bit of the uphills.  I'm going to keep doing this until it feels comfortable and easy, and then I will gradually increase.  When I can run for several minutes without ankle pain, I'm going to start on the structured program again and train for a 5K.

In the meantime, genius athletes out there, what do you think I should do about my poor ankles to help them along?

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  1. Genuine athlete? No. Full of running advice anyways? Yes :)

    Balance on a wobble board. (These are probably available at your gym. I bought my own at Sports Authority for about $15.) Afterwards, sit down, extend your leg partially, and practice writing the alphabet with your toes, letting the movement come from your ankle. Finally, stretch them out with lots of slow ankle circles, ading pressure with your hands when necessary. But I definitely recommend the wobble board; it strengthens lots of stabilizing muscles, tendons, etc!