Monday, February 14, 2011

Legacy Pains

I'm back on the ball - I worked out three times last week in total because although I added a day of weight training, I left off a day of running.  My bad.  I guess I'm just not ready for that yet.  Maybe I'll just wait until the running stuff becomes easy.

Speaking of running coming easy, it definitely didn't tonight.  I had the same ankle problems today that I did during the Lavender 5K over the summer.  I feel fine now (as I did that day) but it was really annoying when I was going through it.  The pain really climaxed during the end of the first five-minute burst of running, and it was then that I turned off the C25K app and just ran/walked at my own pace.  I still did almost 2 miles, but it wasn't as much as if I had stayed on the plan. 

I am going to try dynamic stretching on Wednesday and see if that solves some of my problems, and probably stay on Week 4 for another week and a half.  This is where I start hitting walls, much as I would like to NOT hit them right now.  

It kind of put me in a bad mood, which was even worse because today is Valentine's Day and everyone just assumed I was bitter.  Really, no.  But running is the thing that normally makes me feel good, and today I felt defeated by it.  I'm recovering, though, and it's nothing a viewing of some sappy romantic movie before bed can't remedy.  :)

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  1. A plan is a great way to get started and give you ideas, but nobody knows what is best for your body besides, well, your body. Good for you for continuing on at your own pace when it would have been easier to quit :)

    I don't know much about your ankle pain, but have you tried ankle strengthening exercises? You can just write the alphabet with your toes while sittin at a computer (or in church, haha). I like to stand on a wobble board while I'm reading or washing dishes to help strengthen my secondary muscles and tendons.

    You can do it! I am cheering for you!!!