Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Positive Change

A few years ago I accompanied a friend to a 5K race in Indiana. The diverse running community present at the race that day faced a common challenge: to finish. They supported and cheered each other. I saw seasoned high school and college athletes cross the finish line first, followed later by some first-timers and some older runners who seemed pleased just to finish. Since that day, running a 5K seemed like something I could do. It was, and is, to me, the pinnacle of good health.

I cannot run a 5K. I remember in high school attempting to run a mile for gym class, and this friend (who was at that time the top runner in the state) straggled behind cheering me along and intentionally finishing after me so I wouldn't be the last. Truth be told, I recall walking most of it. The furthest I am able to run right now is probably around two blocks, and that's if I push myself. Which brings me to my goal. To run.

It's a goal I've attempted several times already, always abandoning it after a few weeks. It's not going to happen this time. My goal is to spend the next 3 months working on a "couch to 5K" program. The program is divided into 9 weeks of gradually increasing intensity, but I may increase the intensity more slowly than the program dictates depending on my comfort level. I will use this blog as my motivation to continue, and as a place to vent my frustrations and share my successes. Hopefully at the end of three months (or perhaps a little longer) I'll be registering for a real 5K race. If you'd like to participate with me, feel free. Let's make positive changes in our lives together!


  1. good luck girly!!! hey let me know which race and I will sign up and do it with you! I am working on getting back into running since my severe ankle sprain back in October...can't seem to run much hurts...and I have slowed down quite a bit...sad day....but I would love to join ya!

  2. YAY! I will be one of those just happy to finish, I'm sure. I'll also be shocked and thrilled if I can make it through the training program in 9 weeks. :) Even if my body isn't able to follow the schedule, I'm still going to do it for 9 weeks just to see how far I can get. :)

  3. If you ever need a running buddy, I'd love to come with you!