Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 2: Haven't Quit Yet

This morning when my alarm went off at 6, I was not that thrilled about it. The thermostat read "46," indicating that the heater had not kicked on all night, and my sore throat and inability to quit coughing attested to that. Luckily, I had changed the name of my alarm to "by small and simple things," which helped me to think a little more clearly about my goals rather than focusing solely on my pillow and the warmth of my blankets.

I texted Sean to see if he was ready, and he wasn't, so I ended up waiting on him a bit before going. It put a little bit of a cramp on the morning, but everyone was still in good spirits. After the struggle to pry myself out of bed and his apparent struggle with the same thing, we've decided that after work is probably a better time for us to work out, so we're going to give that schedule a try next week. My body is feeling the 6AM wake-up call right now...

The run today was easier, but I also didn't run as far. I adjusted the treadmill to be the speeds I decided on last week from the beginning of the workout and also didn't get confused like last time about whether I walk 60 and run 90 or walk 90 and run 60. I walked/ran 1.91 miles in 35 minutes, which seems kind of slow, but hey, I did it. I'm trying not to push myself too hard, so my definition of success has been adjusted to be defined as "continuing to go."

Monday will end week 1, and then I can either start on week 2, or more likely, start on what I will call week 1.5 where I do week 2 for the first half of the workout and week 1 for the second half. At this rate the program will take me 18 weeks rather than 9, but that's still amazing. In four and a half months, this sedentary couch potato could be running 3.1 miles three times a week. Is that as amazing to you as it is to me?

Day 2:
5 min warm-up walk (3.0 mph)
60 seconds running (4.0 mph)
90 seconds walking (3.0 mph)
35 min., 2.0% incline, treadmill at Gold's Gym in Provo
Distance Traveled: 1.91 miles
Total Distance: 3.92 miles

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