Monday, August 30, 2010

New Beginnings

It's a new semester, and I have all sorts of resolutions.  First and foremost, I want to start writing on here every day, whether I run/swim or not.  But I need to be running or swimming every day, because that's another goal I have.

This morning I started over from square one with the C25K program.  I've been off it long enough that I felt like I needed to.  It was refreshing to be running again, but my body complained quite a bit, particularly my ankles.  Sometimes they burn bad, and sometimes they feel fine.  I wish I could know what I'm doing differently to make such a difference in how I feel.

After running I went to Golds to lift weights.  It was a nice feeling to already be done working out before I even started my day, although my alarm clock going off this morning was particularly unpleasant.  I hit the snooze button longer than I should have, which I will have to work on improving in the next week or so so I can go to work on time while I'm exercising.


  1. You're such an inspiration. Good luck with starting over. Cute post!

  2. I did W1D1 today too. It does feel good to be running again.

    I wish I could workout in the mornings, but I just can't wake up that early. You have my admiration.