Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You CAN Win While Losing

The winner isn't the one who gets knocked down the least, but the one who will always pick themselves back up.

Speaking of winning, that's what I've decided to do.  I've decided that I need to get back up and start taking better care of myself, and I'm going to focus more on what I gain than what I lose.

My mom used to go to these weight loss support groups called "Winners with Joy."  I love that concept.  I hate that taking control over and learning to love your own body is always referred to in terms of LOSS.  It's usually about cutting out calories or certain foods (usually just the tasty ones haha) and about losing inches and losing mass.  There is even a TV show called "The Biggest Loser."  But I feel like in the game of "weight loss" you gain a lot more than you lose, especially if you're doing it the right way.  Here are some of the key gains that I have experienced:

-A healthier body
-Healthier body image
-Athletic Skill
-Achieving goals
-Smaller clothes
-Ability to cope with stress
-More energy

If you look carefully at the list, you gain many of these benefits before you ever lose a single ounce.  From the beginning you can be a winner, and winners don't need to measure progress in pounds and inches.

That said, I am done with setbacks and excuses.  I am ready to be a winner again!


  1. I love your attitude. The satisfaction it gives me to drink a green monster for breakfast and the triumph I feel everytime after I return from a run that I so didn't want to go do, is so much better than the inches or pounds I may lose from healthier eating and more exercise.

    There are 99 days left in the year starting today and I'm challenging myself to work out for at least 15 minutes each day. Obviously C25K days will be longer, as will yoga days, but 15 seems like a good number because even if I'm too busy all day I can still fit in 15 minutes of situps and stretching before bed. Hopefully it helps me cement some more regular workout habits.

  2. Um... REALLY need to update your blog. Like I'm dying here just worrying that you aren't exercising. Its really stressing me out.