Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 31.5 Help Wanted

I was antsy today and went to the gym to lift weights, but couldn't find very many exercises that didn't hurt.  I just wanted to go home and do my physical therapy and/or yoga.  From now on, that's going to be the drill unless I can get a personal trainer to help me with an actual routine I can remember.

Part of my goal in going to the gym was to weigh myself, and I didn't even do that.

Oh, and my left shin is sore.  Don't think they're shin splints, but it's still not terribly pleasant.  I'm just a ball of joy today.  And amazingly, my bad attitude is because I couldn't do the exercises I wanted to do and that the run that I will do tomorrow regardless will be less enjoyable due to my little aches that I have acquired this week.

Thank you, cloudy day for making my GPS go all buggy and tricking me into running too many miles...  Tomorrow I'm going to take it easy...

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