Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 36: A Walk in the Park

I am really enjoying explorations of the neighborhoods surrounding my apartment complex.  And I love the hot weather lately - getting REALLY sweaty on a run makes me feel like I'm really workin' it!

I didn't have a lot of time, so I decided to just do a mile.  I warmed up for a few minutes by jogging around Kiwanis Park, then I found a shady area in the grass to do my stretches and started off up the hill.  I decided to try jogging two blocks and walking one and alternating like that as long as I could.  The blocks started getting kind of irregular after a little while, which made that plan a little more difficult, and there were a few stops here and there waiting for cars to pass so I could cross the street, but I still managed to shave some time off of my mile pace.

I misjudged and ended up going 1.5 miles.  I got a phone call that interrupted my run in several ways.  I walked so I wasn't breathing heavily during the conversation, and the GPS program I use to keep track of mileage and pace shut down for a time.  Hate it when that happens!

I'm considering switching to running in different ways on different days of the week.  I think on one day of the week I'm going to run the C25K program, which is based on time, and one day of the week I'll run for distance (maybe a 5K walk/run), and one day of the week, I'll do a short run for "speed."  I kind of want to add swimming and/or weight lifting twice a week to my routine, but I'm not sure where to squeeze it in to my schedule...

Anyhow, yesterday's routine:
1.5 miles
12:55 min/mile

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