Monday, June 14, 2010

Doubts and Motivation

Today (written on Friday) was a distance running day, but I cut it a bit short.  I'm still getting adjusted to working out five days a week, although I do really look forward to my activities in the afternoon.  I also find it hard to go an extra mile when I'm close to home, so I think I'm going to add more loops in to the earlier parts of my workout so that just getting home afterwards will put me up to the 5K distance.  I don't have a problem running the whole thing, but I think I just need more motivation.

I'm at the point in my progress where I'm not sure whether I really want to run the 5K on July 10th or not.  I doubt whether or not I can do it, and I worry that I will end up disappointing myself.  I guess I need to quit fearing disappointment so much and just go for it, though.  Besides, I think finishing it will be all that much sweeter if there are doubts about it now.  :)  I really can do this thing - I may not run the whole thing, but I will finish, and I will finish running!

Today's workout:
2.32 miles
13:27 min/mile

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  1. I think you have done a fabulous job! Just think how far you've come already... I think you would be wonderful at doing the 5K in July. You should go ahead and register so that you have better motivation! I think you can do it. There are even a lot of people who walk those things, so if you can't jog/run it then you've got options.