Thursday, July 1, 2010

Still in the Game

The purpose of this post is to let you know that I am indeed still in the game, I just haven't been a very faithful blogger.  I also haven't been all that faithful with running, but not a single week has passed that I haven't had at least one thirty minute exercise session.  Last week in Kentucky I went running once, and only did one mile.  It was the most miserably sweaty mile of my life, although breathing is a lot better at sea level.

Last night I tried my hand (and lungs) at swimming yet again.  These two guys were in the lane next to me, and they said that they were training for a triathlon but that the swimming part was harder than they thought.  We weren't technically racing, but even when they had a half-pool head start, I could usually beat them to the other end of the pool.  Swimming freestyle the right way is really the fastest way to get from one end of the pool to the other...  It made me feel good because those guys were in great shape, and they were swimming as fast as I did when I first started (maybe faster).  Improvements!

So I need to get back on the ball with the diet and with running.  Especially since my first 5K is TEN days away!  I am going to possibly DIE.  I haven't gone that distance in a long time.  I just need to sacrifice, suck it up, and run more this coming week.  Maybe this afternoon or tomorrow I will run a 5K distance just to prove to myself again that I can go the distance without death occurring.

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  1. Oh, sea level. How I miss you.

    I made the mistake once of swimming in Utah as if I were (a) still in shape, and (b) still at sea level. This, it turns out, is an excellent way to spend ten minutes with the dry heaves.

    Best o' luck with your 5K. Joo can doo it!