Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 37 and Day 38 or So...

Maybe I should quit numbering the days I work out.  Because there have been a lot of them, and a lot of them I haven't written about.  I'm too busy squeezing extra working out days into my schedule to write about them most of the time...

Anyhow, this week I started my new program of running on MWF and doing lower impact exercises on TH.  I think I like the extra activity in my life, and I have found new excitement.  This week I decided to start swimming, which I will probably stick with for a while.  I'm trying to teach myself to properly swim freestyle.  It's really hard for me because I'm used to swimming freestyle with my head above the water.  I was amazingly surprised at how much easier it is to swim below the water and how hard it is to coordinate arms, legs, and breathing.  I tend to do a lot of kicking, and I tend to want to breath a lot more than is efficient...  My throat is very sore today from all the water I inhaled yesterday, mostly through my nose (ugh worst feeling ever), but I saw drastic improvements from the time I first got into the water to the time I finished for the night.  Thirty minutes flew by, and my arms are delightfully sore, which is a similar level of soreness to what my legs felt when I first started running.  Now I have a new set of goals to work towards in an activity that works different muscles than running, which should give me a good overall fitness.

An active lifestyle...  I like having it.

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