Thursday, January 13, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Woo.  Yesterday was sooooo busy, and I still squeezed in the gym.  It was a fantastic research day, which means my legs were already like jello when I got to the gym from standing over a laser table in weird positions and walking/running up and down concrete hallways all day, and that made getting on the treadmill to intentionally run that much harder.  But once again, making the decision of whether or not I would go ahead of time made it that much easier, even though I may or may not have tried to talk myself out of it.

At the gym, things got nasty.  I went through the first half of the workout just fine, but then my legs started hurting pretty bad, so I slowed it down.  I almost walked through the running segments, but I decided to just push through on a lower speed.  Besides, it was during the walking segments that my legs really got the best of me - they felt fine during the running segments.  I just think the treadmill is an evil invention, that's all.

I will be honest and say that I did NOT enjoy the workout yesterday, but at least I did it, and I did still feel the satisfaction afterwards of having followed through with something even though it was hard.  I know my sacrifice and perseverance will pay off soon.

The workout:
C25K W1D2
Distance: 1.84 mi
Time: 31:00 min
Listening to: Absolutely by Sister Hazel

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  1. The payoff is on its way! Just keep going, no matter what! (I've lost 7lb so far... Only 84 to go!)