Monday, January 24, 2011

Hechos Son Amores

I spent Wednesday through Friday in Monterey, California and failed to pack proper running gear.  I was actually quite unprepared for how gorgeous it was going to be, and I felt jealous of the people I saw running along the shore.  But as they would say in Argentina (and many other places) "Hechos son amores no buenas razones."  Good intentions only count when they lead to action.

Except the action was that on this day that I could have easily skipped the gym, I pushed myself and went anyway.   Not only that, but I'm actually very glad I did.  I had a hard time during the first part, but I made it through without compromising on the schedule, although I did lower the speed slightly for the last half of the run.  I figure I'll start out at this running pace and I can always work my way up to my goal pace once I can run a 5K on the slow pace without walking breaks.

I don't struggle with running anymore; I struggle with the walking parts.  Does anyone else experience this?  I just feel this incredible tightness in my calves that is oh so much worse when I'm walking than when I'm running.  This might mean I'm not warming up properly before stretching, so I'll have to figure out some way to change up my routine and see if I can reduce this discomfort.

I discovered today that basketball games are really the best thing for me to watch while I'm running.  It's sometimes hard to find a team that I care about, so I just cheer for whatever team is losing because that makes it more exciting.  I glue my eyes to the TV and can completely ignore the fact that I'm essentially running on a rapidly-moving inclined conveyer belt.  I love basketball. <3

C25K W1D4
Distance: 1.83 mi
Time: 31:00


  1. Regarding the walking part: Maybe your tired muscles don't like the slow, deliberate effort of walking. With running, you get the propulsion effect and some momentum. But with walking, it's all about working all the muscles to make you "go".

    Weight trainers will tell you that the slow rep builds more muscle than the fast rep. So you're conditioning your heart with the running and building muscle with the walking. Keep it up!

  2. You are so awesome!!!!