Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Treadmill I Love

I weighed myself after running today.  No big.  I didn't want to use my post-christmas weight as a starting weight, so I waited until I was exercising for a little while to weigh.  It might not be different, but it makes me feel better to do it this way.  I'm not brave enough to post my actual weight on here, but I will post the difference between my current weight and what I weighed the last time I checked when I was exercising regularly.  Once you see that number hit zero, I will be back where I left off weight-wise.  Cardio-wise, I don't think I really lost that much over the time I've been"off."  Also, I must say that losing weight through exercise alone as I have must be the best possible way to lose it because it faithfully kept coming off one pound a week over a period of several months, and even after a long period of not doing anything and eating fattening food, I never did gain it all back.  It would have been better to never stop in the first place, but we can't go back now, can we?

Week 2 is proving to be VERY easy.  I think the biggest challenge in all of this is I hate the treadmill.  I did, however, find some treadmills that I don't mind being on.  Two words: Cardio Theater.  I think it's worth the full price of a Gold's Gym membership for that experience.  If it's available at your gym and you haven't tried it, please do yourself a favor and give it a chance.  Except if you go to my gym.  I don't want it to get too busy in there.

I got very interested in watching Inception, and didn't even notice I was running.  I also got a really nice cadence without a strong beat in the background to distract from it.  It's running without headphones but WITH distractions, and the best of both worlds.  Additionally, I suspect that those treadmills were better quality treadmills - they didn't seem to shake as much, and it felt more like being on solid ground.  I just can't say enough good things about my workout today - I feel great, and I enjoyed it thoroughly the whole way through, not just at the end.  Yeah!  High Five!

C25K W2D2
Distance: 1.72 mi
Time: 29 min.
Sensation: Disbelief
Weight: +11

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