Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year - New Resolve

Last year's one resolution was to have a "theme," instead of a resolution.  That theme was "it's my turn," and I may make it a two-year resolution, because I think it's a good theme that deserves two years.  "It's my turn" is all about taking life by the horns and making my life what I want it to be every day.  This blog was begun in February of last year as a branch of that theme, and running really did become a passion for me.

I never would have imagined that I would fall off that wagon, but I did.  It's old and cliched by now, but they say that the boxer that wins isn't the one who is knocked down the least but the one who continues to pick himself back up.  I refuse to let my past failures stunt my future success.

That said, I really hope to get back on the ball, and for several reasons.  Reason number one, I realized that my ten year high school reunion is in 18 months.  That's the perfect amount of time to lose the large number of pounds I need to lose to be in the healthy range without doing unhealthy things to my body to get there.  Reason number two is I have realized that although my body seems to "like" being heavy, it really doesn't.  I'm more tired, more stressed, and just ugh about things since I quit running.  When I was running I was really happy.  I was happy with myself, with my body, and with pretty much every aspect of my life.  All of the positive effects started from the very first day.  I really need to get back into this and recommit myself again.  I really need all you out there to hold me accountable to this.

So, speaking of cliches, I am starting an exercise program in January.  And it's cold, so I'm going to have to go to the gym.  Hurdle number one would be signing up for the gym membership, but I already have one, so I guess I'm ahead of the game there.  I hate that the gym is crowded in January, and I hate that the people at the gym look at my pudgy little body on the treadmill and think that I have never exercised before in my life and am just in it for the short-term.  It makes me want to wear a t-shirt that says, "This ain't my first rodeo, bucko."  Also, treadmills.  Yuck.

I'm going to start training again with the Couch to 5K program, same as before.  The big change I'm making is that I'm going to run the treadmill (dreadmill) on a higher incline than before so that it's less of a shock to my poor legs when I start running on pavement as soon as the snow melts in Provo.  I may actually work through the program on a 1.5% incline once, and then start over again from week 3 with a 3% incline.  Week 3 was very difficult for me outside, even after week 6 on the treadmill on 1.5% incline, but in the spirit of working up to outside conditions, I'm going to do it.  That will have me running a 5K three times a week OUTSIDE by May, assuming I can stay on the C25K schedule.  Even if I take 2 weeks to do each "week," the first time around, I'll still be there by June or July.  At that point, I may temporarily hire a personal trainer to help me through the slump that has historically occurred there.  In the meantime, it is up to you who read this blog free from ads, to earn your keep and ride my chubby butt so I stay with the program!

Is there anyone else out there who is starting or restarting the couch to 5K program?  If you're out there, I'd love to hear from you.


  1. I stumbled across your blog, and I'm so glad I did! We have a lot in common, mainly our outlook as I read your words. Here's a link to my blog

    Coming on 6 years ago, I reached my goal weight after losing 90+ pounds that I had slowly gained through out my 20's. It's been an amazing journey, and keeping it off is it's own journey in itself.

    I did the couch to 5K program, and I never thought I would say that I now run 5K regularly. But here I am, running 5K 3 times a week. Running brings me clarity, pride within, and turns all those negatives quickly into positives. It's a gift.

    I just want to encourage you as you work towards your goals. You can do anything you set your mind to (cliche I know, but it's true). I would say good luck to you, but it's not about luck, the power is within you and I think you should get that t-shirt: "This ain't my first rodeo bucko". It's perfect!

    Cheers! Christine

  2. Hi again! Miss you bunches already! I'm glad you're going to get on the wagon again, and I'm happy to offer my support! Read my Health Overhaul blog at Follow it, even. We'll keep in touch and drag each other across the finish line of success!

  3. My 5K days are long gone (you 5K people run way faster than I ever want to!) but I did recently start a marathon training program. So I can relate to the overwhelmed feeling when you look at your long-term goal and think, "Can my body really do that?" (Or maybe you don't feel that way. Most runners I know do!) Like last year, I am on Team Angela again. I've been in the running world for quite some time now, so let me know if you want any advice/motivation/moral support. Good luck!