Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 24: A Good Day

Today was an extremely good day.  I definitely pushed all my limits today, and I'm really glad that I've been increasing my mental stamina because I needed it during the last final exam of my academic career this morning.  I woke up this morning at 2 AM and studied all morning, then took my exam at 11.  I finished it a little early, sold my text book back for $100 at the bookstore, and then slept for a few hours.  That $100 will be the perfect funding for my running shoes this weekend!

So after I took a much-needed nap, I went to the gym, and COMPLETED week 6, day 1.  It was tough mentally but physically I was okay, even though I barely slept.  From now on running will be easier because life will be much less stressful, I will be eating better, and I will be sleeping at night. 

I still feel like I've made it through the toughest part, and I'm really getting there!

Oh, and I'm still looking for a 100-mile reward, so please help me out with suggestions!

My workout was:
Week 6, Day 1
2.29 miles in 34 minutes, 2.0% incline
Average Mile Pace: 14:58

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