Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 12: Numbers

Isn't it strange how we as women use numbers to measure ourselves?  A little while back, I participated in Operation Beautiful, and one of the notes I posted said, "Your greatness cannot be measured," and had a ruler on the bottom edge of the page.  I feel like maybe I should post one of those proverbially or literally for myself.  I am always trying to measure myself, no matter what it is I am doing.  I seek approval from myself and others based on a number, or sometimes many numbers.  

Today I was asked what speed I run at, and that shouldn't have made me upset, but it definitely did.  I felt embarrassed that I run so slow.  Then I talked to my extremely tall friend Nicole who told me that she still runs slow for her height even after running for years, and I felt better.  

In unrelated-to-running workout news, I did AM Yoga yesterday morning for ten minutes to wake me up for church, just on a lark, and it was fun.  I couldn't quite get into all the poses, but I see promise there, and the stretches felt good.  Little did I know it, but I was REALLY getting a workout.  I woke up this morning almost too sore to get out of bed.  After ten minutes of yoga.  Seriously?

As far as running goes, week 3 is getting easier, for sure.  I am going to do week 3 again on Wednesday, and then I will attempt to move ahead to week 4 on Friday, even if it is hard.  I really think I probably COULD do week 4 right now, I just don't think I SHOULD.  A lot of people on the C25K discussion groups say that they were stuck for several weeks on week 3, so I am at least in good company.  It's a tough week to get through, but I'm determined to stick it out.  I've only been running for four weeks (as Sean the saintly workout buddy reminded me today), and instead of focusing on  how very far I have left to go, I should look at how far I have COME.  A month ago I could jog about a block.  Now I jog at least several blocks three times a week.  

I am becoming a runner.  Spud to stud is fortunately faster than the other way around, but still, it took me years to develop the destructive habits I had up until a month ago, so it will take me definitely more than a few weeks to break free from them.  

My workout today was:
Week 3:
1.80 miles in 28 minutes, 2.0% incline
Walk Speed: 3.5 mph

Jog Speed: 4.5 mph
Total Distance So Far: 22.43 miles

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  1. Angela! I'm so proud of you! I love what you said about us girls always trying to measure ourselves, with everything. I definitely do that. And I love yoga. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal when you're doing it, but it definitely does something! I'm always sore after.

    Congratulations on sticking with the program! I think every time you hit a milestone, we should have a yoga party. Or a girls movie party featuring The Hottie and the Nottie.